Kiln Firings

We have a 60L Nabertherm kiln.

Bisque fire - 900º
Price full kiln: 35€

Glaze fire: Low temperature - 1050º
Price full kiln: 45€

Glaze fire (High temperature) - 1150º or 1220º
Price full kiln: 50€

Please contact the studio first to schedule the day of the firing. We do not accept any ceramic pieces without booking. And we only fire full kilns.

We will fire external pieces 2x a week - Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Make the request below and indicate the date you would like to fire your pieces.
Once you place the request, we will need a picture of your pieces and labels of the type of clay and glazes used, so we can make sure that we have all information to proceed without damaging the kiln. On the scheduled day we will be there to supervise the process.
Make sure your pieces have the bottom clean, this is extremely important.

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